Focallure Soft Sun Cream FA-SC23

Brand: Focallure

Size: 30 gm


Do you know that 80% of skin problems are caused by UV rays? The new high sun protection technology formula developed by FOCALLURE can meet the four needs of 360 broad-spectrum protection, anti-pollution protection, glow up, and hydrating at the same time. Provide four layers of protection, meet the four needs, no fear of sunlight.   


Intensive Defense] Enriched with SPF 50 PA+++, it has excellent 360 broad-spectrum protection, not only against UVA rays of skin aging and UVB rays of sunburn but also against blue light for intensive UV shield; and add POLYGONUM FAGOPYRUM and CROCUS SATIVUS two plant extracts to reduce the risk of sun-induced skin cancer [Anti-pollution] Added ALTHAEA OFFICINALIS plant extract, which can protect the skin from directly touching pollution particles and form an anti-pollution protective film [2% NIACINAMIDE] Add 2% Niacinamide to inhibit melanin growth, correct and naturally brighten skin tone [HYALURONIC ACID] Added the best moisturizing ingredients HYALURONIC ACID, to keep skin soft and supple [Ingredient Safe] Alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, mild ingredients, non-comedogenic, suitable for all skin types, best for dry skin  

1. Wait until sunscreen is fully absorbed before going out; 2. Use before base makeup, you need to wait for complete absorption before applying base makeup  


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