Beauty Formulas Aloe Vera Hair Removal Wax Strips - Face & Bikini Line




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Beauty formulas ready to use wax strips with Aloe Vera. A convenient and easy way to ensure effective, long lasting hair removal, perfect for use on legs, body and underarms leaving your skin hair free for up to 4 weeks. Beauty Formulas Aloe Vera Wax Strips are perfectly sized for bikini line and for the upper lip. You just need to warm it by rubbing between palms, and then peel them apart, press it in the direction of hair and then pull in the opposite direction.  

  • Strips Nos: 36 Wax Strips includes in the packet.

Make sure your skin is clean, dry, not irritated and free of oils and creams.  
For best results, warm the wax strips slightly by rubbing between your fingers for 30 seconds and slowly peel the strips apart. 


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